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The Myth of population explosion

June 4, 2010
Contemporary Issues

Introduction Most of us grew up on a poisonous diet of overpopulation propaganda. Remember the lifeboat scenarios in high school biology, where we had to decide who we were going to push overboard, lest we all die. Look up the speeches of former Vice President of USA Al Gore, who warned of an “environmental holocaust without precedent”–a “black hole” in his words–that will engulf us if we do not stop http://absolutetruth.in/2010/06/the-myth-of-population-explosion/“>…Read the Rest

Stephen Knapp’s Visit

Stephen Knapp’s Visit
September 8, 2009

ABTN is hosting Dr Stephen Knapp in Bangalore. All are invited. Profile Stephen Knapp is a well known speaker, writer, http://absolutetruth.in/2009/09/stephen-knapps-visit/“>…Read the Rest

The dangers of Promiscuity

The dangers of Promiscuity
September 2, 2009
Social Issues

Introduction The hedonistic ideology of Dont worry just enjoy coupled with the artificial hype and eulogization of culture based on http://absolutetruth.in/2009/09/the-dangers-of-promiscuity/“>…Read the Rest

Esteem for Sacred Writings

Esteem for Sacred Writings
April 10, 2009

Contemproary view It is fashionable in modern secular societies to regard sacred literature as the mythological musings of undeveloped people. http://absolutetruth.in/2009/04/esteem-for-sacred-writings/“>…Read the Rest

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