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Big Bang or Big Bluff

October 18, 2009
Scientific anomaly

Introduction Imagine yourself taking a walk in the heart of a city like New York or Tokyo and looking around at the well developed infrastructure around you. Infrastructure of that magnitude never ceases to amaze us. The tall buildings, monuments (such as statue of liberty) the well planned roads and the underground railway all point to meticulous planning (by the government authorities), amazing engineering skills (Architects and Engineers) and well http://absolutetruth.in/2009/10/big-bang-or-big-bluff/“>…Read the Rest

Is the world a giant hologram?

Is the world a giant hologram?
July 1, 2009
Vedic Science

Is the world a giant hologram? Synopsis The world as we perceive it, is that real in the absolute sense http://absolutetruth.in/2009/07/is-the-world-a-giant-hologram/“>…Read the Rest

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