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Decline of Indology in the West

June 4, 2010
Contemporary Issues

Indology, which is the study of Indian history and culture from a Western perspective, is rapidly declining in the West under the impact of science and changed global conditions. Just as Max Müller represented Indology at its height, Michael Witzel symbolizes its current decadent state. Abstract Indology may be defined as the study of Indian culture and history from a Western, particularly European perspective. The earliest Westerner to show an http://absolutetruth.in/2010/06/decline-of-indology-in-the-west/“>…Read the Rest

Vedic roots of early Tamil culture

Vedic roots of early Tamil culture
October 5, 2009

Introduction In recent years attempts have been made to cast a new look at ancient India. For too long the http://absolutetruth.in/2009/10/vedic-roots-of-early-tamil-culture/“>…Read the Rest

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