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An Interfaith dialogue with Islam

May 25, 2010
Inter Religious

An interfaith dialogue on Hinduism and Islam On 2nd may, we had an invitation at the Salaam center which is a center for Islamic studies in Jayanagar, Bangalore. ABTN members Mr Vijay Venugopal and Mr Narasimha Rao along with four other members received a warm welcome exactly at 10:30 a.m. Mr Wahid invited the guests Mr Vijay Venugopal , Mr Omer Sheriff and speakers Mr Narasimha Rao and Mr Khrushid http://absolutetruth.in/2010/05/an-interfaith-dialogue-with-islam/“>…Read the Rest

Vegetarianism in Christianity

Vegetarianism in Christianity
August 2, 2009

Christianity and Vegetarianism Introduction Many Christians seem to turn a blind eye to the suffering of animals that is inflicted http://absolutetruth.in/2009/08/vegetarianism-in-christianity/“>…Read the Rest

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