Like earlier sessions by Stephen Knapp and Dr. Ravi Gupta, this time we had Mr. Dhan Rousse who is from American origin but settled in Ukraine for 6 years. He was on a lecture tour organized by ABTN and their assosciates in Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Hyderabad and finally was in Bangalore from June 21-24th June of 2010. Mr. Rousse delivered series of lectures in Bangalore on Topic “ Vedic Economics”.


Mr. Rousse completed his MS in Engineering from the University of Florida and since then has focused his attention on the study and practice of Vedic philosophy and culture. Dhan received training in Vedic knowledge from A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami and has been practicing for the last 37 years. His interests involve the understanding and application of Vedic Dharma, particularly in relationship to current cultural and social issues, and economic activity.

He currently lives near Kharkov, Ukraine where he has established the Gitagrad varnashrama community as the basis for establishing an alternative Vedic culture, the Abhideya Cultural Academy for teaching the Vedic concepts of Varna and Ashrama, and Partners-for-Life, a membership program for supporters of this new spiritual culture. He travels and teaches in the former Soviet Union, Scandinavia, the Baltics, and Europe. Dhan has written a variety of articles on Vedic philosophy, many of which have been translated to Russian. He has recently released his new book “Lessons in Spiritual Economics from the Bhagavad Gita – Understanding and Solving the Economic Problem.”. To buy a copy of the book please write to us.

Topic of Seminars

Vedic Economics is a cross-disciplinary study combining psychology, economics and the spiritual science of the Vedas to explain the role of capitalism, intense competition, economic hardship and recession, inequity, and struggle in this world. Vedic Economics discusses the origin and solution of our ecological problems, how the present economic methods can be modified to solve these problems, reveals the actual source of our economic problems, and explains solutions that can create an economy that serves everyone. More importantly, Vedic Economics reveals the link between economic activity and human consciousness.

Some of the prominent Institutes where Seminars were held:
#National Law School
#Indian Institute of Planning and Management, Bangalore.
#Times of India, Times foundation, MG Road, Bangalore
#Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore

Relevance of this Topic

On almost all the seminars Mr. Rousse presented, he began his lecture on the relevance of his topic in today’s times by highlighting the anomalies in today’s modern economic times. The uncertainty of survival, out of control situation in the current economic pattern and the troubled times which lie ahead for each one of us in terms of natural resources like oil getting depleted, Mr. Rousse beautifully portrayed one basic fact, the fact of missing human element from the current global Economic pattern which all nations are following. Here are the important points of the talk:

Personality traits affecting the economy

Mr. Rousse explained how three modes of material nature play the role of governing personality of every individual in the society. Three modes of material nature (as given below) define the nature of a person and his behavior towards other and to the society on the whole. The three modes of material nature are:
1.Mode of goodness
The qualities which a person under this mode will have are modesty, honesty, truthfulness, generosity, cleanliness, strong character, responsible & high moral values, etc.
2.Mode of passion
The qualities which a person under this mode will have are competitive, hot tempered, aggressive, flickering nature, selfish & arrogant, etc.
3.Mode of ignorance
The qualities which a person under this mode will have are dull, un-intelligent, merciless, selfish, demonic, violent, non-trustworthy, liars and not reliable.
Mr. Rousse during his talk explained on how each nature of each one of us in current society are ruled by three modes of material nature and their mix. With this nature we run our lives and create negative impacts on society. For instance, a person with modes of passion and ignorance will create a surrounding around him with the qualities depicted under these modes. He stressed that, we all can see, today’s cut-throat competition, lay-offs in corporate world, paper currency exploitations, economic depressions are all the result of the powerful people(ruling our economic and political world) nature been governed by mix of mostly passion and ignorant modes of material nature. The basic human element is missing from today’s economic set-up.
He warns of more chaos and trouble awaits the human society if some corrective measures are not taken immediately by the current generation.He appealed the people to focus more on mode of goodness and improve their personalities and then venture into world full of opportunities. With mode of goodness if they take social responsibilities, the society will see a new world more peaceful, tolerant, understanding, mature, generous and human element will be prime for such a society.

Dependence on Oil the black gold

As per Mr. Rousse, the current society is based on oil and not agriculture as it was in Vedic times. The oil rich countries manipulate oil prices and hence manipulate the world economy for their own selfish and self centered motives. According to Mr. Rousse our oil based society is on verge of collapse as it has already passed the oil peak mark. In other words, more than 50% of the oil has already been consumed out of total amount of oil present in earth’s crust. This indicates as the oil shortage increases, inflation is going to be out of control and major chaos will result in times to come. He stressed the fact that if alternative solutions to this oil society are again based on exploitative nature of we humans under these passion & ignorance then this will also result further misery and chaos.

Currency exploitation

Mr. Rousse pointed out the anomalies on current paper currency system. He showed how paper currency of all nations is overvalued. Paper currency which has no solid foundation earlier as it was based on gold reserves a country has is now printed irrationally based on some weaker reasons. He termed this current paper currency system as perfect illusion. He gave a detailed explanation of how this current currency system exploits people in general to the limit where it is making world divide into richer and poorer section of society. He pointed out how 20 % of total world’s population has 80 % of the wealth and rest has remaining. This also is cause of passion and ignorance ruling the framework of this sort of economic system.

Remedial Measures:

Mr. Rousse recalled how in Vedic Times, the economic system was based on social equality, overall resource distribution for the entire society since it was based on agriculture system. This agricultural system was the reason of social balance, peace in the society, no health issue due to stress and burden of work. The system was eco-friendly, progressive for all the sections of society at the same time. No cut throat competition, cheating, bribery, social exploitation rather the system was based on social trustworthiness, mutual love, respect, understanding and self-sustained economic patten.


In the end Mr. Rousse, concluded that modern society should focus in implementing the goodness mode in day to day business life and focus on implementing self sustained economic social system like agriculture based system. If needed we may go back to the fundamentals of making society based on agriculture for restoring the Vedic society right in middle of current economic system. He says change is inevitable, though not all of a sudden things will change but since the current set up is heading towards major collapse, the sooner we implement Vedic economics, the better for all of us. A need to bring all intellectuals is required and ABTN providing this platform for such talks which will lay foundation stone to upcoming change.

Report submitted by :P rateek S.

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