Stephen Knapp’s Visit

September 8, 2009

ABTN is hosting Dr Stephen Knapp in Bangalore. All are invited.


Stephen Knapp is a well known speaker, writer, author, philosopher, spiritual practitioner, traveler and photographer. For years now he has been an independent researcher and an honest and bold writer of spiritual truth as he has discovered it. The main purpose of Stephen’s work is to offer simple ways and explanations to comprehend the lofty insights found within the spiritual philosophy and Vedic culture of India.

Stephen Knapp has dedicated himself to spreading the deepest and most practical levels of spiritual knowledge of the soul–our real identity. It is his strongest realization that our existence on this earthly plane becomes much easier and more vibrant the more we expand our spiritual awareness to perceive the higher dimensions and purpose of things around us.

Stephen Knapp grew up in a Christian family, during which time he seriously studied the Bible to understand its teachings. In his late teenage years, however, he sought solutions to many unanswered questions for which he read through many philosophies from around the world, studied a variety of occult sciences, ancient mythology, mysticism, yoga, and the spiritual teachings of the East. The reading of the Bhagavad-gita increased his understanding of everything else he had been studying. Therefore, he continued to research all of the major Vedic texts of India to gain a better understanding of the Vedic science. Now he also tirelessly works to protect, preserve and promote the deep spiritual knowledge of Vedic philosophy and its traditions. An introduction to his research, writing, and projects can be found at his website.

Stephen has been to India numerous times and traveled extensively throughout the country gaining a wide variety of spiritual experiences. His knowledge of India and familiarity with traveling in such a diverse country has made him an advisor for those who would like information concerning their own journeys to India. Stephen is also a free-lance photographer and does what he calls cultural photojournalism, capturing the essence of India and spiritual life in practice, which can help explain and show the depth of the culture. You can see samples of his photography on his website.

Stephen continues to travel to India on a regular basis, giving lectures on the benefits and glories of the Vedic tradition. He has traveled on lecture tours through Northeast India a few times to enthuse people to follow their indigenous traditions. He has also traveled a few times through Central India to lecture at schools and colleges, and intellectual groups about the profound nature of the Vedic culture. He has also spoken by invitation in front of 25,000 people at Madison Square Garden in New York City at a gathering of the Swadyaya Movement, and at numerous other events. He continues to speak, on television and radio shows, and give presentations at conferences where invited.

Stephen is also the founder of the World Relief Network. Its goal is to help relieve the sorrow, suffering and confusion on the planet by the dissemination of genuine spiritual knowledge and the means for individual and social enlightenment, and to work with others who feel the same. Many of his books are published through the World Relief Network.


Here is itinerary for Poona, Bangalore, Calicut, Goa and Bombay.

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