This is a interesting topic perhaps has an potential to connect to the roots of the Sanatana Dharma. It has always been used as a traditional bait by critics of Sanatana Dharma who would like to advocate Sanatana Dharma to be a faith based on mythological fables and nothing more than that.

One Sided

The early western indologists had gone overboard with thier ulterior motives and always had a biased and cynical views on vedic texts and thier relevance. Many of the evidences found in the Vedic scriptures which talks about its own history have been overlooked and regarded as fantasic and superfluous. For example the Rig Veda has been dated at 2500 B.C. There has been structured campaign to disregard the deeper aspects of Vedic scriptures which has a clarifies many misconceptions rather they would qoute many superficial events without giving consideration to the inherent hirarchy amongst the scriptures. That has always been the approach of the majority of the western Indologist who would always like maintain their European racial superiority over Indians.

Tradional approach

However traditional scholars from the sub-continent never had any problem because they always had the scriptural perspective on “mythological” stories. Srila Prabhupada one such scholar here states in his commentary on Srimad Bhagavatam the reason why the earthly beings are unable to see the celestial beings. They are beings of higher dimension and are superior to humans in all respects, in fact they have ascended to heavenly dwelling on account of thier piety they have accumulated in the Earth. So they are normally dis-interested in the affairs of the people in this dimension. But they do visit  this dimension when there are acts of piety performed by certain great souls like Maharaja Parikshit.  Refer SB1.16.3

Commenting on the verse Srila Prabhupada says, It appears from this verse that interplanetary travel by the denizens of higher planets is easy. In many statements in Bhāgavatam, we have observed that the demigods from heaven used to visit this earth to attend sacrifices performed by influential kings and emperors. Herein also we find that during the time of the horse sacrifice ceremony of Mahārāja Parīkṣit, the demigods from other planets were visible even to the common man, due to the sacrificial ceremony. The demigods are not generally visible to common men, as the Lord is not visible. But as the Lord, by His causeless mercy, descends to be visible to the common man, similarly the demigods also become visible to the common man by their own grace. Although celestial beings are not visible to the naked eyes of the inhabitants of this earth, it was due to the influence of Mahārāja Parīkṣit that the demigods also agreed to be visible.

In other situations Srila Prabhupada would also offer a counter arguement that anyone and everyone can’t see the Prime Minister of a country. It requires tremendous effort to work through the bureaucracy and red tape to get any closer to Prime Minister. So why we should always expect the God who is the master controller to be present before us on our demand. And if he doesn’t they declare He doesn’t exist anymore.

Austerities the gateway

The Srimad Bhagavatam gives numerous examples of how an aspirant can meet God. Here is one such example. Five year old Dhruva on being advised by his Spiritual master Sage Narada performed extreme penances simply sustaining on air (and later not even that) for a period of six whole months to get the audience of the Supreme Person Lord Hari. We also see another example of how Hiranyakasipu performed severe austerities for thousands of years so much so that his body was fully devoured by ants and only his skeletal remains were left. He later could get the audience of Lord Brahma.


The modern Indologist with thier biased approach to Vedic texts have always been branding it as mythology. And they substantiate by it by claiming all the events in the puranas and itihasas to be superfluous and imaginary. The demigods are generally not accessible in this age because of the gradual degradation of values but there is a process how thier audience can be achieved.


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