July 13, 2008

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  • Varada Krishna Dasa says:

    Dear Readers,

    Please accept our greetings and prayers for your welfare.

    The Absolute truth .net is emerging as a facilitator and a unique platform that is bringing together many enthusiasts and endeavors to promote theistic thoughts. Theistic ideas unite while a sectarian point of view can divide and cloud the real message of the scriptures of the world. The absolute is showing how Vedic scriptures and paradigms are perfect examples of universally applicable theistic truths.

    This effort deserves commendation and support. That this platform is attracting many young minds is very encouraging. We are also inspired to see that is presenting its perspective on inter faith dialogues, on matters of current interest, on recent scientific trends and advances. There is clarity of thought in its articles, consistency in its views and is convincingly showing the fallacy and shallowness in some modern trends.

    To present vedic perspectives and show that spiritual solutions exist for all material problems is a very exciting challenge and we see such a intense fervour and dedication among the team that runs the

    Our felicitations to the team and we wish them all the support that they truly deserve for at the end of the day, nothing satisfies as absolutely like the absolute truth.

  • Chandraprakash says:

    Thanks for the useful website

  • It looks quite informative and nice. Please keep the good work.

  • srinivas sashikanth says:

    hare krishna. the articles are excellent and keep going. if anything help regarding scientific aspects you are free to contact me through mail.ok
    yours humble servant

  • Chaitanya Charan Das says:

    The vision for the site is lofty, ambitious and glorious. I am really happy and inspired to see you and your team taking up such a big project. My heartfelt best wishes to all of you.

  • AcharyaNidhi Dasa says:

    I have gone thru the ABTN news and articles. It certainly rouses interest and adrenalin to safe guard and promote Santana Culture and traditions whereas it is true that even so far away from Bharat, here in the center of the Pacific Ocean, an island called Fiji, we face the same allurements and blasphemous tactics by Christian missionaries whereby an exodus of Hindus are converting to Christianity. The reasons are same as a forementioned in your articles – idol worship, devil worship, devil food, violent religion etc.. I wonder how I can be more protective in this environment where the converters are assisted by strong financial backing with transport, nice dwelling and food. You are right, our Hindu society is more self centered and does not bother much about what goes around in the neighborhood, let alone their concern to appease someone down trodden
    who become easy bait for conversion.

  • Dilip Rajkumar says:

    Jai Sri Krishna!!…Keep up the good work!. I have made a humble donation of $10 through the donate link.

  • Guru Chaitanya Dasa says:

    Congrats ABTN! Your site looks loaded. Good work and way to go! Hope this effort of yours will help in contributing towards the change of consciousness of this globe. All glories to the Absolute Truth Lord Sri Krishna! All glories to Srila Prabhupada the greatest preacher of the Absolute Truth!

  • ABTN is doing a very good work in bringing the most relevant and appropriate message of the scriptures to the English knowing public. We hope the people behind it would continue to do the good work, it is the most important thing to do in the circumstances. Srila Bhaktisiddanta Saraswati said there can be a newspaper published every minute about the message from Godhead. He also said one should not stop speaking truth even if it appears that the whole world is opposed to it. ABTN is a step in right direction.

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